Jeffrey Kass - Author

Jeffrey's inaugural book, Oreos and a Pack of Marlboro Lights was published by Adelaide Books. It was one of Adelaide's best sellers and it resulted in Jeffrey being nominated for the prestigious literary award, the Pushcart Prize for a separate story, "Staycation."  Jeffrey is currently working on four additional books.

Featured Book:

Oreos and a Pack of Marlboro Lights is a collection of true stories, essays, and even a poem, which have only been lightly fictionalized to protect some of his guilty muses. The book is intended to entertain, make you laugh, and even make you say a few “oh shits!” To instigate, to inspire, to think, to challenge, and to deep dive into the psyche. To a few times make you reflect on your own life. The stories span many years and cover a wide variety of subjects including relationships, race, religion, and coming of age matters.